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I dream of meeting a kind man

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Relationship: Divorced

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Age: 36


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am kind and friendly lady, and they say I am a very feminine girl. I keep this style as I value femininity in modern lady. I guess gentlemen seek this feature in potential partners, am I right? I possess a great sense of humor and in the right circumstances I may laugh hard to tears. I think it is easier and more flexible to treat life with humor, would you agree? My nature type is goal-oriented, and I never leave things undone before I finish. I value honesty in people. By my upbringing I am a very responsible person who respect other people and care for others feelings. I know how important it is to show your care and attention to people around you, especially when it comes to close people and family. By nature I am supportive and trustful woman. I would like to meet a reliable man and create our own strong loving relationship with him. I am a romantic lady and it would be just great if you may understand this side of me.
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