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Just looking for an outdoor partner....

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Gwynedd Valley, United States

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Age: 52


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I want to meet someone to be a friend and more... a partner to enjoy life together. Because of my work hours and because I rarely go to bars, it's hard to meet interesting new people. On one side I own Italian motorcycles, both of my arms are sleeved with tattoos, and I play guitar in a rock band. I guess that's my "rebel" side, haha. But on the other side: I have a Master's degree in Aeronautical Engineering from GWU, and work as a professional aircraft engineer.  So 40 hours a week I do structures analysis at a computer, but as soon as I leave work - ANYTIME I'm not at work - I'm wearing jeans, an old concert t-shirt, and my Asolo hiking boots.  I read a lot and I've always enjoyed world history and maps. I am NOT a morning person, but once I'm awake I LOVE a good strong cup of coffee - with some pleasant company. :-)  One of my biggest passions is traveling - including outside the US.  I don't get to go to the far-away places as often as I'd like, but I make it happen when I can.  For sure I have had many awesome experiences, and I want more!  I LOVE being outside, and most outdoor activities - ESPECIALLY backpacking and camping.  To me, life is about having adventures, and someone to share them with. After all, they can happen anywhere and anytime.  It's all in your frame of mind! :-) 
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