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Bellamack, Australia

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Age: 30


Seeking: female


Intentions: See what Happens


Personality: Perfectionist

I believe I was born to serve woman. I feel that females are the superior beings,and should be treated as such. Submissives should serve and please their mistress in every way possible to ensure their happiness and pleasure. I am a plaything to be to be used and abused in any way you please for your pleasure, convenience or entertainment not mine.

With that being said I live a vanilla lifestyle, unless told you would never know this side of me and I try my hardest to separate my two lifestyles (the two have crossed before and it will never happen again). To most of the world I'm hard working, goal driven and very social. However my deepest desires to serve are always lingering just below the surface.

I dream to be used purely for the entertainment of a superior woman. I love feet and everything to do with them, being trampled, used as human furniture, doing household chores. I'm curious about and open to many other activities that make me a lesser to you.

Any female back packers wanting to make a few bucks hit me up :)
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