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Looking for a location independent person to slow travel the world with me.

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Sepuka, Taiwan

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Age: 53


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Greetings!  I am an online teacher and medical coder so I have location independence for my job. I can work from anywhere with an internet connection. I intentionally worked toward making a career that would be remote so I would have the freedom to travel the world without waiting until I am too old to enjoy it. I am looking for someone who wants the same thing. I typically work during the week and then travel from place to place or enjoy the local sites on the weekend. If you are ok with larger women -working on it and traveling helps me lose- and have a job that you can do on the road, please get in touch. Let's see if we jive. You might be male or female and interested in  a personal or platonic relationship. Mostly, you are looking for someone who wants to travel the world with you and immerse in the cultures. 
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