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Hiya. I recently returned from four years of living abroad and traveling. I lived in Japan for three years and then traveled throughout Asia, the Midd

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Brecksville, United States

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Age: 33


Seeking: female


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Personality: Daring

Strong sense of adventure and strange sense of humor.

I'm just trying to do something new or scary every day. The sometimes futile quest to never be bored or boring.

I finish a book every two weeks, try to watch a few movies per week, and am always open to new music suggestions. So I could list a bunch of things here but I'd rather discuss it with you. However, I will take this space to say that the "The Room" is pretty great.

Also, "Darkplace" is my favorite TV show. YouTube it if you haven't had the good fortune to see it yet.

If you're down with exploring new places, going for hikes, or trying new activities, we'll get along great. We'd also probably get along really well if you enjoy animated conversations over coffee or drinks.

Also, I like snakes.
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