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Hi;) You look like my next mistake ;)

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Rzeszow, Poland

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Age: 35


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Rather wild.
I consider myself to be full of contrasts most of all. I don't mean borderlining ;) but I can lie in silence, naked and watch the stars as well as do adventurous stuff without pretending that I am some kind of goddamn princess ;) 
Empathetic and humble, but I've heard there is a cure for that already ;). Absolutely love to laugh. So stand up comedy is my thing;)
Energetic, positive and impulsive. 
I would like to settle down also but readiness is not desperation. I'm alregic to boredom, although I appreciate everydays life, don't need much, I'm happy with myself, I'm happy with my life.
I love travelling...backpacking, so I'm looking for someone who would like to do that from time to time. I can live abroad for a bit too. I used to live in the UK for 7 years. 
Horse riding and animals are my passion. I take part in volunteering programmes. Used to train belly dancing and boxing. 
I like reading. 
I'm interested in psychology, spirituality, linguistics and intercultural communication.
I love walking on the grass bare foot.
I hate waking up early, those annoying woolen jumpers that make you itch ;) hypocrisy, lamb and when my computer is slower than me ;)

“There aren't many such enthusiasts born. The average person is not especially curious about the world. He is alive, and being somehow obliged to deal with this condition, feels the less effort it requires, the better. Whereas learning about the world is labor, and a great all-consuming one at that. Most people develop quite antithetical talents, in fact - to look without seeing, to listen without hearing, mainly to preserve onself within oneself.”
 Ryszard Kapuscinski

I would like to meet someone inspiring. FUNNY, open-minded! An intelligent, honest individual ;) a rebel ;) I'm looking for someone who values family but I'm not trying to find a tiger to then castrate him and watch him get miserable just to get bored of him ;))) I don't have to possess! Just to feel that somone is there from his own 
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