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31, male, Single

Toronto, Canada

I could write a paragraph or two but sadly no one ever reads those so here are some bullet points:- Adventurer Extraordinaire.- Famous Actor, minus the Famous part...for now.- Burritos are love, Burritos are life.- Got to keep in shape for various roles so if you need a workout buddy...- Rooftops and various obstacles are my summer stepping stones.- Gaming is a hobby I swear!- Fan of Star Wars/Marvel/DC etc. You've been warned.- Straightforward, honest and upfront is how I roll and I would hope that you are the same.- Vegetarian. No, I don't care what you eat. It's just a personal choice.- Sometimes I'm gonna be spontaneous. And random, but In a good way. Just go with Don't mind casually dating and whatnot but I'm here for a relationship. If interested, don't be shy, just message!

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52, female, Divorced

Fort Littleton, United States

I'm not into the bar scene, and I'm not one who lives (or visits) the gym. I like to have fun, travel, go to concerns/live music venues and enjoy life! All of those things are better with someone to enjoy them with, so that's why I'm here! Why a police dating site? I have always thought that teachers and police officers have a lot in common in terms of values and goals. I'm often touched by the compassion I see shown by officers who interact with my students, and who intervene in their troubled lives. I'm tired of trying to make things work with people who hold such opposing views, and who really find it hard to understand what it means to be dedicated to a career. I do need to mention that I do have one rather...non-traditional...hobby, but it does keep life interesting. What is it? Let's talk about it. :)

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30, male, Single

Dahisar, India

Hi there,Umm.. never been to a dating site before. My friend she insisted me on getting over here as she found her partner from Iceland over here.Upside of me: I'm faithful, optimistic, can be childish & an adult , in short will be everything for that special one.Downside: I get really attached & if you're looking for time pass and hookups only, I'm not your type of guy.I love to travel, watch movies, gym, writing (yea I write prose, short stories), and passionate about helping others, want to do all the fun and everything with my other significant.I love to listen to Blues, country, R&B music. Maroon 5, Adam levine, Justin Timberlake, Keith Urban, Coldplay are my fav.And yea I'm a movie buff too, for all languages (Have a particular interest in all cultures, always eager to know and read about whenever get a chance.), so it qualifies me under bibliophile.So yes I love to read too. (Naming my fav books will end you up with reading a long list).Family means a lot to me, so the respect I'll show to yours I'll expect you to show mine's.For me trust is everything & I hate liars, have seen them a lot lately.I can write a whole tv series on myself, but its better you find yourself what I missed and if we can be compatible enough.If you can't see or send message get me on instagram _shubh_gupta

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42, female, Divorced

Fareham, United Kingdom

I am Mrs Helen wongI am 35 years oldI love mostly outdoors for fun, like i love reading, listening to music and clubbing,I love dirt bike riding,swimming, snowboarding, taking my boat to the lake, wake boarding and fishing and i also love visiting new places and lot more....I am personal assistant and i worked for maxi construction company based in scotland with branches in malasyia....I was divorced without a child..I mean motive of joining the dating site is just to meet someone that can match my dream man .

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79, male, Divorced

Sydney, Australia

This is a life changing decision o appear on a dating site, not only because I am because I am now older, but because I have lived by myself for so many years. To remain unattached for so many years has enabled me to pursue many varied interests, such as travel, art, music , adventure.Yes even teaching English to Russian students in Vladivostok Far East Russia, In so doing , it affords an insight into the lives of other people's life and customs, . An incredible variety of cultures and history.Looking back in hindsight, I am really wondering how much more exciting it could have been having share this experience

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